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Pideax Labs Incubation

If you're looking to start a business, one of the first things you'll need to do is find a place to incubate your business idea. And that's where an incubation service comes in.

An Business incubation service provides a physical space for startups and small businesses to grow and develop. In addition to providing a space to work, incubation services also offer mentorship and resources to help businesses succeed.


Industry Connects

  • Provide opportunities to showcase the product to top executives of India across industries and explore strategic partnerships, alliances, M&As or just pure business.


  • Provide a deep network of mentors and influencers who will work closely with the start-ups to ensure proper guidance.

Tools To Scale

  • Provide an enormously useful kit full of tech-savvy tools including cloud credits from the industry.

Investor Connects

  • Help start-ups to raise funds from a wide range of investors such as angels, micro VCs, VCs and Government funds.

Value Added Services

Fund Raising

Help start-ups & innovators find funding & enhance their chances of successfully raising capital.

Industry/Mentor Connect

Introduce to our extensive network & open up opportunities for collaboration.

University / Institution Connect

Provide access to research institutions and labs to help test ideas amongst the greatest professors in the world.

Financial & Legal

Provide our clients with financial and legal support which are usually expensive for start-ups & MSME.

Design & Prototyping

Provide our clients with access to experts who are able to operationalise ideas.

Projects & Sales

Provide sales support to start-ups & companies.

Fund Raising
  • Focus on early stage investment in India where we have a strong    domain influence.

  • Evaluate atleast 6 companies before selecting one investment (6:1).

  • Participate as a “Seed Investor” with high involvement in execution and growth.

  • Leverage the investor/advisory board partners with complementary resources to create higher value.

Financial  and Legal
  • Experienced consultants- Leverage experience of lawyers, Chartered Accountants & financial advisors working at top firms or with well-known companies.

  • Industry Specific Experts- Gain competitive advantage by working with the best advisors from business domain.

  • Transparent & Upfront Fees – Providing     best quotes instantly with price-quality comparative through inhouse consultant.

Industry/Mentor Connect
  • Connection with top level corporates of the country for tie-ups.

  • Connection with Top grade C category employees of renowned companies to take advice at a single tap button at project innovate mobile app.

  • Global insights on technologies development by large corporates.

  • Strategic partnerships with corporates who are working in the same segment.

Design & Prototyping
  • Prototyping is essential to the creation of hardware.

  • Our resources make innovation move faster with high end 3D printing and CNC millers and cutters.

  • In house team of product realization specialists and equipments; 24-7 fabrication shops designed to optimize design for manufacturing workflow.

  • Providing consultancy from highly qualified designers & makers to obtain deeper insights on tools to design compact products.

University / Institution Connect
  • Connections with highly qualified top level professors and ideators to receive advice on various methodology of research and designing.

  • Access to world class research labs for designing and testing for high R&D oriented research projects.

  • High funding services for intensive research projects which require more advanced tools and machines for testing and designing.

  • Providing access to research journals.

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