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Co-Working Office Space Services

Our Services


Innovation Hub

Provide entrepreneurs access to world class, state of the art innovation lab to develop new products and assist them to partner with corporates, governments & investors to establish business.


Riding on the trending business & leveraging the same to support the operational expenses of the company.


Value Added Services

Provide services ranging from projects and sales to financial, legal & fundraising.


Provide strategic resource investment to the early stage start-ups including,    but not limited to, office space, consulting,     business modelling and fund raising.

Innovation Hub


  • Indian education system continues to lack practical & experiential learning required for healthy innovation environment.

  • With no dearth of innovation initiatives, India lags behind other developing nations with only 15 researchers/100,000 people.

  • With spends of only $ 1,248 per student, India’s failure in developing adequate human capital has deteriorated initiatives by researchers.

Intellectual Property

  • While patent filling have tripled in 2007-18,    still India’s patents are 1/50th of the U.S.

  • Indian resident’s patent application is only 174 (South Korea ranks #1 with 8601) per $ 100 BN GDP in 2017.

  • India takes more than four years to act on patent fillings while Sri Lanka takes 15 days.

Corporate R&D

  • Product based Indian corporates import technologies leading to less exposure to Indian researchers & innovators.

  • India has only 26 companies out of 2500 global R&D spenders which is very less compared to other countries (Forbes Survey).

  • Under Indian rules, royalty income from patents developed & registered in India is taxed at a concessional 10% rate.

Co-Working Space

Indian Economy

  • 50% of    all economic activity in the Indian economy caters to the service industry.

  • India’s service sector offers an array of quality IT, financial, engineering, logistics and E-commerce services.

  • Despite economic turbulence in FY19 period, service sector growth remained robust & projected to grow at a healthy pace.

Real Estate Leasing

  • Rent-yielding office assets continues to be backed by strong occupier demand & leasing numbers reaching for a new peak.

  • With low vacancies & strong demand in key office markets, investor interest in this asset class continues unabated.

  • Pre-commitments and build-to-suit projects continue to be a popular option.

Co Working Ecosystem

  • With the start-up revolution in India, real estate prices began to skyrocket leading to growth of co-working spaces.

  • Co-working spaces have penetrated across the country, including tier 2 & tier 3 cities, to reach~720 centers and 15 MN sq.ft.

  • With new innovations in this sector even MNCs like Google India & Rolls Royce have opted for flexible office space service

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